20+ Best Tools And Resources For Managing Your Startup

As an entrepreneur, this can be your go-to for signing NDA’s, advisor agreements, freelancer work contracts, and everything else your lawyer may throw your way. Google Keep for personal planning; Basecamp for https://quickbooks-payroll.org/ a well-designed alternative to Trello/Asana. Join.me for easy conferencing and screensharing that works for most people/laptops; Google Drive, Dropbox and Box for all your document storage and sharing needs.

  • This platform comes with CRM tools that enable you to manage your investor funnel, searchable venture capitalist database.
  • They are mostly nothing fancy, but their efficiency is to boast for.
  • Note that if you ever have questions on how to use QuickBooks, our bookkeepers are more than happy to help you.
  • You can also integrate it with MailChimp, Paypal, Basecamp, and Zenpayroll.
  • Grunt is one of the best tools for startups that is a must for anyone working with reports or business presentations in PowerPoint.

Use Modus to onboard and train sales reps with relevant content, presentations, product information, and buyer data. Once you plug them into your business processes, they get out of your way to help you solve a particular problem. While your first 10 hires set the culture and standard for your startup, finding the right candidate for the right role will for the most part remain an uphill task. 💰 You can also use this calculator to see roughly how much your business could save by using RingCentral to support your team’s communication with each other—and clients.

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Moreover, it helps you create much better digital marketing campaigns and ultimately, increase your conversion rate. You must use Google Analytics in order to achieve greater results for your startup with continuous evaluation of data and monitoring online marketing strategies. 20 best business tools for startups Software for startups The internet is a super useful tool, but it’s also the host of several work distractions such as social media and news. RescueTime helps users manage their time via detailed reporting about screen time, such as the site and applications used and the time spent on each.

You will need one of the following financial startup tools to accomplish your goals. They can share, discuss and geek about all the new products, websites, mobile apps, and tech other creations. Each of them casts a strong impact on the overall performance of your business and allows you to become more efficient with your business operations. Everyone involved with a startup business is overtaxed, and has no time to waste. Maximize your and your employees’ time with these productivity tools.

The 30 Best Startup Tools & Resources to Grow Your Business

Stripe is a payment processing behemoth, and because of that, they can offer some of the best service and integrations around. Their standard pricing works for most, but you can also put together your own set of features and receive a quote accordingly. It’s the industry standard and integrates extremely well with many other tools. Note that if you ever have questions on how to use QuickBooks, our bookkeepers are more than happy to help you. To that end, he’s backed a startup called Alethea, which monitors for disinformation for corporations and says he’s incubating a new startup in this area, too, still in stealth. Another way he wanted Ballistic to be different is that his partners and co-founders in the fund are all former executives at security companies — or in VC speak, they are “operators.”

Whether you are looking for drop shippers or web developers, Fiverr’s proven business experience and customer success management will make you feel confident hiring from their app. Foundersuite is a platform that offers entrepreneurs a litany of tools to find, manage, and receive funding for their startup. Their CRM tool allows users to organize investor funnels, develop a venture capital database, and includes a Investor Updater tool that provides monthly reporting.

Best Communication Tools for Startups

36% of marketers use Instagram, compared to 93% of marketers who use Facebook. Al Tepper of TepFu adds, “It has a free collaborative office suite, storage, email and calendar in the cloud. However, if you stick only to email and desktop apps like Slack, you’ll become inundated with updates and little to no context included. Which ones deliver value without executing the old bait-and-switch when it comes to those additional, yet much-needed features.

  • Combining these together makes a lot of sense, for both accounting and tax savings require information from your checking account.
  • You can also see where visitors are exiting your site, so it’s easy to figure out what aspects you need to improve.
  • If you’re running a B2C business, a newsletter is a must to boost your sales.
  • Plus, if you plan on fundraising at some point, investors will expect to see your financial model.
  • It is an all-In-one startup invoicing and accounting software solution.

Take advantage of these tools to learn more about your audience and see where your efforts are successful. A workflow automation tool can eliminate these tedious tasks using “if this, then that” logic. So, for example, if a new support ticket is logged in your support system, you can automatically update your CRM without asking your support team to update all records at the end of the day. Adding other services to your site, including but not limited to AdWords Conversion Tracking and Remarketing, Google Analytics, Facebook Conversion Tracking is absolutely simple.

As a business owner, you want to know where you’re excelling, how you’re misfiring, and how far the project is from completion. You probably have to deal with tons of documentation like work guidelines, employee contracts, customer data, etc. A startup can be a hornet’s nest of tasks that seem to blend into each other. Your startup may be a young company, but your ambitions are as large as those of corporate giants. Jenkins is a configurable continuous integration platform that allows for automation of software builds, automated quality assurance tests, and much more. If you’ve worked in a SaaS startup recently, you’re probably familiar with JIRA.

  • If you’re hoping to keep all of your startup’s online platforms organized into one space, GoDaddy has some great options for you.
  • CallHippo is a robust Voice-over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) service provider.
  • ClickUp lets project managers check up with a variety of charts and visualizations.
  • Business credit cards make paying bills and expenses easy, and they can earn you rewards if you have substantial expenses.

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